Turkey Decorated Cupcakes - A Thanksgiving Treat!

I just wanted to share this cute idea for Thanksgiving Dessert!

We had a Thanksgiving Pot Luck and I was in charge of desserts.  In addition to the pies and bundt cakes I made, I always bring cupcakes, as the kids can never resist a cupcake.

Using Buttercream Icing, I piped Red, Orange and Yellow fat squiggles around the top edges in a rainbow shape, graduating the colours in.

I then used Chocolate Buttercream to pipe fat heads for the Turkeys in the middle, adding Eyes, Beaks and those little Gobble Gobble things over the beaks and down the sides.  (A quick google search says they're "Snoods")

Here in Canada, we have Thanksgiving in October - October 9 this year - and the temperature was a balmy 15' - which in addition to a baking kitchen, it was quite warm!

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