Easiest (And Cheapest) Homemade Waffles!

These waffles are so easy - and delicious - topped with fruit and a little syrup - they are a great recipe for those lazy Sunday mornings!

7 Smart Points per serving (replacing sugar with your favourite sweetener).

This recipe is my adaptation of a Copykat.com recipe, which also offers tips on freezing leftovers, keeping waffles warm if serving later, and some great waffle topping ideas!  Click here to see my inspiration!

Serves 6

Ingredients:       Total: $1.24 /  $0.21 a serving

1 tsp Vanilla  $0.04
2 Eggs  $0.36
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil  $0.17
1 3/4 cup Milk  $0.44
4 tsp Baking Powder  $0.02
1/2 tsp Salt  $0.003
2 Tbsp Sugar  $0.02
Pinch of Cinnamon $0.00
2 cups Flour  $0.16

1. Combine all ingredients, mixing between additions, in the order given.

2.  Pour onto hot and greased waffle iron until crisp and golden.

You may need to reapply non stick spray after a few waffles (at least I did for my poor old Krups Waffle Maker - I've had it for YEARS and it has taken a beating and survived all that I've thrown at it!)

Serve hot with favourite toppings!